After adding your product for signage you need to create a signage to list the products that have been already created or to be created

The signage creation and listing product as follows

  1. Login to your Wariyum account
  2. On the Left Menu, You can find out a menu named Signage Select it.
  3. Select add new to Create a new Signage
  4. If you want to edit an existing Signage click on the Blue edit button

  5. Fill out the details on signage creation page Name, Delay interval, Audio then click save
    Here Delay Interval is the time to show each slide (if it is set as 4 sec each slide will display for 4 sec)

  6. After clicking save the right side section can be used to add the listed product by searching on the space provided

  7. Once you find the product select from the dropdown list and click Add button next to it

  8. After completing listing click the save button below to it

  9. Signage creation is done

See more from the video