In order to display the product that we have created previously, We need to schedule the product based on the timing for example if we use this signage for a restaurant, There are different menu available for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner so we can create three schedules and list the different products.

The  Schedule creation is simple one, That you can find from the following steps,

  1. Login to your Wariyum account.
  2. On the Left Menu, You can find out a menu named Schedule Select it.
  3. To create a New schedule click on the Add New button on top right.
  4. If you want to edit an existing schedule click the edit button

  5. After clicking the button you need to fill up the following details
       Name, Frequency, Start time, End time and From & To dates. there is two frequency available Onetime, Recurring. If you select Onetime you need to set the date and time only. If you select Recurring you have to select start date and end date also. After filling these click on the save button
  6. Then you can proceed adding the signage with images on the bottom tab, Once you added the signage click the save button

For more see the video below