Once you have completed the below three steps you are ready to install the signage app on device,

  1. Creating a Product for signage
  2. SIgnage Creation and listing Products
  3. Scheduling Signage

  • Install the Signage application on the device.
  • Select App from the menu and open it.

  • There you can find a login screen, Enter the Device name created on Wariyum Admin

  • Once you have clicked Attach it will start downloading the files to the device. it may take time according to the file size that you have uploaded in the Wariyum Admin
    The download will take time only once, after this it will download new data on background
  • The Final look will be like this

  • To view the status of the signage tou can click and hold on the images on the signage then it will show a screen with all the details

you can find the unnecessary files and username also you can able to logout the device from here