Pre-Requisite -Should be logged into Business Admin

Nearme – it will help to connect their business with the Customers, Through this, customers can able to find the perfect products they want and order it. It can be used for the promotional purpose also,  The registered customer can able to get push notification of new offers and promotions in your store.


Items are the goods or services that you deal with in your business.

Creating a Product

To add a product

  • Go to the Products in the left sidebar.
  • Click Add + on there.
  • Enter the Name, Type and other details.


Product Type 

Simple Product

A product that is only available in one Size, Color, Quantity, Price

Variant Product

A product that has multiple option to select, For Eg: Colgate paste is available as 50gm,100gm, 200gm

Creating a Variant Product

  • Select product type as Variant Product
  • Fill out the variation details of product
  • Click on the plus button to create more variations
  • Click the image icon to add separate image for variant


An alpha numeric number used to identify the product and managing stock, Basically SKU will contains Product name,Quantity and more
Eg: Tomato 500gm it will be TMT500

Veg Mark

This is a type of label shown to cusstomers to identify the product whether it is Veg or Non-Veg



It will show a Veg mark on the product for customers


It will show a Non-Veg mark on the product for customers


The product doesn't have any marks


Select appropriate category from dropdown, It can be done by searching or scrolling  from the list 


Select appropriate Brand from dropdown, It can be done by searching or scrolling  from the list

Remove Product

To Remove/Edit products click on the respective button aside the product listings

Spreadsheet Template for Bulk Uploading of Products

Customers who are wishing to upload products in bulk need to download an spreadsheet template and fill out details on it, Click here to download the Spreadsheet

Procedure to Upload images

Make a folder on your computer and drop all required images of your product there.


  • You should be using image of type JPG format.
  • Recomended image dimensions for mobile app is 250 x 250px
  • Shall be updating image name on "Images" column in Spreadsheet. Eg: abc02.jpg 
  • Multiple images can be set using Comma separated. Eg: abc02.jpg, abc12.jpg